JUNG Verpackungen GmbH

SealPure is a product of the gift and tissue paper specialist JUNG Verpackungen GmbH, D-Steinmauern. Founded in 1969, JUNG can draw on many years of experience and extensive know-how in printing and processing thin papers.

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Quality Assurance:

JUNG produces in accordance with the latest quality guidelines. The production plant is equipped with the latest emission filtering systems which guarantee an environmentally compatible manufacturing. In February 2019 we achieved 9001:2015 certification.

JUNG has been FSC-certified in July 2010 (FSC-C100297). This certification expresses our commitment to comply with the objectives of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC). Please ask for our FSC-certified products.

Printing Quality:

The high printing quality of JUNG's products has not only impressed customers. It has been awarded several international prizes such as the Cyrel Prize which is awarded at international competitions for the highest performance in flexographic printing.

In March 2019 we won the DFTA Award 2019 for „Special achievements in flexo print“.

Some of the most spectacular innovations in gift wrap printing were originally developed by us: UV-high gloss varnishes, pearlized varnishes, raised UV-prints and glitter prints are JUNG innovations that have inspired the markets and emphasize our position as the leading manufacturer of luxurious gift wrapping and tissue papers.

JUNG was FSC-certified in 2010.

This certification demonstrates our commitment to comply with the objectives of the Forest Stewardship Council®.

Blue Angel Papers are made from 100 % waste paper stock, which is particularly ecologically sound. (RAL Certification-Nr. 29200, 29126)

JUNG runs on green power.
We source our electricity from European hydroelectric plants.

JUNG Verpackungen GmbH was awarded a bronze medal in recognition of its EcoVadis CSR rating.

The wrapping and Christmas papers in the JUNG Design collection are produced in a climate-neutral way. To this end, we offset the CO2 emissions generated during production via the NatureOffice organization.

JUNG has been ISO-certified in 2019. Certification-Nr. GM3020

As a family-run printing company in the second generation, we participated in the renowned Druck&Medien Awards in the categories "Packaging Printer of the Year" and "Family Printer of the Year".

DFTA represents over 300 mainly medium-sized member companies of the flexoprint industry.

We are member of:



IPV is a special interest group for companies manufacturing flexible packaging as well as for subcontractors of the packaging industry. It was founded in 1949 with registered office in Frankfurt, Germany.




DFTA represents over 300 mainly medium-sized member companies of the flexoprint industry and is therefore one of the flexoprint associations with largest membership in Europe. www.dfta.de



The association “Die Familienunternehmer – ASU” is the political special interest group for family enterprises in Germany. Please find further informations at www.familienunternehmer.eu





International Non-Profit Organisation pleading for a continuous amelioration of ethical principals within the business policy of its members and their subcontractors. www.sedex.org.uk