The idea

Sustainable packaging is a mega topic for brand manufacturers and retailers. From many conversations with our customers, we have learned that it is a great goal to replace plastic with paper where possible. The idea is to combine our many years of experience in the high-quality printing and converting of thin papers and our know-how in the production of sealable papers in order to offer a sustainable alternative to the usual plastic overwrapping.
In close cooperation with specialized paper manufacturers and the leading manufacturers of overwrapping systems, we have developed and brought SealPure to market maturity. SealPure is a double-sided sealable paper that can be printed with allover designs or registered artwork.
No transparency - no problem!
SealPure is paper - and therefore, unlike plastic overwrapping film, it cannot be transparent. The product information must be printed on the SealPure paper layer, which requires a rethink in packaging design. Correctly thought, this disadvantage can also be made an advantage, because new ways and innovative approaches to product packaging are conceivable.